ok last post on morning glories I SWEAR OK 

but this is how i’ve been saying i wanted a queer romance to be done in the sci-fi/fantasy genre for years. (spoilers under the cut)

It’s not only that the Guillaume/Hisao relationship exists, it’s that it’s being done (thus far) with grace and tact and the kind of fair, equal representation I would want out of this genre, especially in an industry so hyped up on white cis hetero men (Image’s slightly more independent publishing status aside). 

Despite only having one issue of coverage as of now, I’m thoroughly impressed, if only especially for the fact that the narrative doesn’t go out of the way to say LOOK AT US!!! WE’RE SO EDGY AND COOL!!! GAY PEOPLE!!! or bait the readership by falling into ‘no homo’ territory and introducing Guillaume’s character, keeping some of the flirtier lines in the flashback and the present-tense scenes, then having nothing come of it. They handled the flashback without any outside characters (or the narrative itself) calling extra attention to their behavior and the current narrative line with equal respect, not showing their relationship or the sex itself as negative. (Even having some downright adorable dialogue afterwards. Oh, and cuddling!) They did what I have wanted every narrative to do- both a, have a canon queer relationship and b, don’t constantly comment on it within the narrative and pat yourselves on the back. 

And honestly, I’m really glad they went as explicit as they did in the issue. Aesthetic appeal aside, the fantasy/horror genre absolute loves adding (hetero) sex to the mix whenever possible. In most other media (that isn’t exclusively a gay narrative within itself) will give you all the hetero sex you could ever want and more but never gives a gay couple more than a kiss, if they have a gay couple at all.  I don’t believe it was rushed at all, especially considering that you could go pick up another comic (granted, of lower quality than the brilliance that is Morning Glories) and see the same scenario with a heterosexual couple and much less build up in the flashbacks. 

Oh, and plus, no matter what we find out about Abraham in the upcoming issues, props to his character for (presumably) seeing how Guillaume kissed Hisao before he left and not mentioning it or being a dick about it to Hisao afterwards. 

Now, let’s just hope the ‘there must be a sacrifice’ arc line doesn’t spill trouble for either of those two. If they introduce a canon queer pairing just to soon kill it off in one way or another, that’s a totally different story. But I’m hoping since the writers have already nailed this one on the head, they won’t stoop that low. 

posted 2 years ago